This reel represents some of my most recent work. Most of these projects were shot in the field with a bare bones DSLR kit and include several quick turnaround, remote edits.

Projects included in this reel:_______________________________________________________________

Married to Magic – Producer, DP

Mad Mad Cars – Producer, DP

Late Night Tech Fight – Producer, Camera Operator

Wild Wranglers – Producer, DP

Pretty Little – Camera Operator, Editor

Wasteland Workshop – Producer, DP

Gray’s World – Producer, DP

Invention Intervention – Producer, DP

Training Hollywood – Producer, DP

Exposure – Producer, Editor

Mormon Matchmakers – Producer, DP

NYC Marathon – Time Lapse Camera Operator

NJ Transit – Camera Operator

Left Coast Lifter NYDOT – Editor, Time Lapse Camera Operator

Route 72 Bridge NJDOT – Camera Operator

Route 295 NJDOT – Camera Operator

Outward Bound California – Supervising Editor

Costa Rica Tree Climbing – Director, Editor, DP

Ground to Crown – Director, Editor

Private Eyes – Director, Editor, DP

Firelight  – Director, Editor, DP

Rep Studio – Director, Editor

Asbury Through the Haze – Editor, Camera Operator